Fall Lakeview

This is TrekkMode. A Trail Champion,
Trail Steward and Anyday Hiker.

New Buffalo, MI

Through my daily adventures I have gained an enormous respect and appreciation for Lake Michigan's unique natural features and its diverse coastal ecosystems. In return, I lost my excess weight and found my stamina.


Imagine walking through nature and discovering camera-ready scenes. I behold all the abundance that surrounds me at least 365 ¼ times a year.

Autumns Floor

autumns floor

Freshly Sliced

freshly sliced

Chunky Old Oak

chunky old oak

Lakefront Icecapade

lakefront icecapade

Sunset Silhouettes

sunset silhouettes

Summer Pipes

summer pipes

About Me

Winter Marsh

Anyone who has been around me for any length of time has picked up on my enthusiasm about the natural history of Southwest Michigan and nearby Northwest Indiana; this is a direct result of my passion for hiking. I have hiked and re-hiked most of the trails and all of the lakeshore in any kind of weather, even the “Gales of Hurricane Sandy” (my wife says I'm touched).

In time, curiosity got the best of me. What's with the wide variety of landscapes and wildlife? How and why are they located alongside each other? The answers were intriguing, yet so scary! I have since discovered that our lake border moraines and the interdunal wetlands, deep ravines and forested dunes found within them are consequences of the last ice age, can be found nowhere else on earth, and most changes made to them are irreversible. Since an informed public is better prepared to protect their natural resources, I decided to share my adventures by presenting our endangered coastal dunes from within.

My goal: See that examples of each of our ecosystems are maintained and available to the public with a balance of trail types; not excluding ADA approved handicapped accessible trails. Through good stewardship, interpretive signage, planned nature outings, nature skills workshops, website(s), social media, natural beauty and promoting student involvment, I plan to champion a public awareness outreach program. Providing outdoor classrooms where nature can speak for herself.
All this, and staying healthy the way nature intended!

“Know Your Environment”
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